Financial Planning for Olim with Baruch Labinsky


Financial Planning for Olim with Baruch Labinsky
Virtual (Zoom, FB, Youtube, etc) 05/11/2020 Starts 11:30 Ends 12:30 25 NIS

Financial Planning for Olim with Baruch Labinsky

Baruch Labinsky, MBA, TEP, Licensed Portfolio Manager, has helped hundreds to navigate Israel's complex financial system. His time-tested and proven approach has empowered his clients with the knowledge and skills they need for financial success.

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What are the benefits and drawbacks of keeping the majority of my money in my country of origin vs. moving my money to Israel?

Where can I put my money in Israel so I feel secure and earning a good return on my money ?

If I live in Israel and the majority of my heirs live outside of Israel, what is the best way of insuring that they can easily access their inheritance?

How do insurance investment products compare to stocks and bonds?

When transferring money to Israel, is it better to use a money changer or transfer directly from a Foreign Bank to an Israeli Bank ?

Thursday, November 5th

11:30 am

Live Via Zoom

25 nis

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