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Shomron as  never experienced!

On Wednesday, December 23 we will have the rare opportunity to:
Have a guided tour of the biblical city of Shomron (Sabastia).This most important archeological site is rarely visited due to its location bordering the Palestinian Authority. The Shomron Committee is making efforts to bring Jews to visit and learn about this national treasure with its rich and long Jewish history and remains. We will be their guests at this site. We will also see a beautiful film about the history of the Shomron.

One of the pillars of Jewish return to Judea and Samaria will meet with us in his village of Elon More and relate the story of the modern Jewish pioneering movement that changed Jewish history today Benny Katzover is a living legend who will offer us a unique understanding of the great return to our Biblical lands.
We will enjoy winning tasting at the local award winning winery.

We will visit the expanses of the hills of Givot Olam at the village of Itamar. There, we will behold the energy of young families pushing Jewish settlement continually into the expanses of the Shomron hills, securing our homeland for the Jewish people.

Departure from the Inbal hotel at at 8:00 ( we have lots to do today and it gets dark early)
Bring a picnic lunch
Return approx. 6:00

250 shekels.

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