Mathematics tutoring "Mathematics explained intuitively"


Mathematics tutoring "Mathematics explained intuitively"
Freelance / Contractor

I am a mathematician with several years of teaching experience at university level and in private teaching. (M.Sc at RWTH Aachen, Imperial College London, Lecturer at University of Cologne.) 

I offer online mathematics lessons for university and school students. The precise content of the lessons can be adjusted to your interests and goals. 

Topics can include Analysis, Linear Algebra, Logic, Probability, Discrete Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, ODEs and others. You can write me with any detailed request! 

I am committed to explaining the material in a clear and most intuitive way, taking into consideration the knowledge level of the student and striving to convey an extensive understanding of the material. 

Teaching languages are english, german, russian.

Here is a video with further details on the teaching method:

Looking forward!