Jerusalem Locksmith & Handyman Services


Jerusalem Locksmith & Handyman Services
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Hatikoncick locksmith & handyman services has been serving the community of Jerusalem for the past several years. As a mobile service on call 24 hours a day, we excel in providing complete locksmith & handyman solutions to residential and commercial clienteles. Should You need a new front door lock for your home, or your you need to assemble a new furniture or a security device for your office, Hatikonchick is the expert in providing a ready answer to any such need.

Incorporated in 2012, Hatikoncick has always been dedicated in providing the highest standards of quality in technology as well as hardware. We deal in quality branded locks & Hardware that are guaranteed to `be tamper proof for assured prevention of burglary and theft. In commercial security, we are totally in sync with the latest needs of high tech security systems to prevent theft of expensive office equipment. Our locking devices for vaults and safes will ensure that your valuable official documents and data are secured from unauthorized access.

Hatikoncick Locksmith & Handyman in Jerusalem: A Symbol Of Quality And Effeciency

As part of the community in Jerusalem Hatikoncick has successfully installed locks and locking devices in a number of residential areas to the complete satisfaction of our clients. Our proven expertise has taken us a long way in excelling in locksmith & handyman services where our repair and maintenance services reflect a 100% mark of efficiency and quality. Wherever we may be required for any service job, we ensure you get the full benefit of our expertise and service.

Hatikonchick emergency services are fully operational throughout the district of Jerusalem. Besides our emergency services, we are quick to respond to residential and commercial lockouts as well. Even if you may have a broken house lock or lost your keys, we are there to assist you in lock repairs or rekeying your locks to operate with a new set of keys. Commercial lockout emergencies are handled with utmost care where we take due consideration in preventing any damage while taking care of your problem. We provide you with electronic locking replacements or reprogram locks for your convenience. Whatever be your need we are well trained to provide a solution customized to your commercial requirement.

Quality efficiency and courtesy are the hallmark of our services. Hatikoncick is well trained to understand such features that reflect the excellence of our service . With years of experience behind us, we are your best choice to provide every aspect of security and locking systems well within your budget. As one of the most affordable locksmith & Handyman in the area, Hatikoncick will provide you with locking systems that do not compromise upon quality. We are totally aware of the importance of quality and efficiency and their vital role in they play in the security of a home.

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