Haircuts by Sam Reizer


Haircuts by Sam Reizer

My unique system of cutting hair and years of experience give each client a haircut that looks great, is easy to manage, and lasts, important to my clients' wash-and-wear lifestyle.

My approach to both cut and color is to create a natural look that enhances the client’s face.

A crucial part of a haircut or color is discussion of the effect, movement and shape you desire in advance. I work with the texture and nature of your hair to provide creative solutions. I anticipate and plan for growth so that your haircut will continue to look good as it grows out.

  • “Natural Plus” - I aim to create a convincing color with  subtle richness, one that lasts and looks good as it grows out. Often my clients report that no one notices their color at all. I use color products that offer maximum effect and keep the hair healthy.

  • A relaxed ambiance – My easily-accessed salon offers a pleasant experience, with plenty of free parking. I work alone in calm, comfortable surroundings, with one client at a time.

  • Great value - I can give you a great haircut that will continue to look good as your hair grows out – and I can do it over and over again.

If you have any questions or would like any advice about your hair, please call me.

Samuel Reizer

phone: 02-563-4515, 054-487-2794

Yisrael Aharoni 7, Katamon, Jerusalem

accessible from buses 13, 22, 24


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