Chanukah Update - Hotsites and New Videos


Chanukah Update - Hotsites and New Videos

Hi Everyone!

Here are the Chanukah updates:

Educational Resources for Chanukah

- Philo-Torah - Chanuka Review by Phil Chernofsky

- Torah Tidbits: 1542 - Vayishlach - Chanukah

- HaMizrachi Magazine: Chanukah 5784

- ColLive: Day-to-day Halachic Guide

Laws and Customs for Chanukah 5784

Chanukah Videos on YouTube

50 new 2023 videos:

- You Can Light With Me - Y-Studs Version

A Taylor Swift Hanukkah

- Six13 - Era-lution of Taylor Swift - Chanukah's version

- The Maccabeats - We're Still Here - Am Yisrael Chai

- Ari Goldwag - Chanukah Light

- Happy Chanukah Remix featuring Zelig

- PJ Library: The Story of Hanukkah

- Grandpa Reads: The Story of Chanukah for Children

- All About Hanukkah - Jew Know It

- The Yeshiva Boys Choir - "Yivonim"

- 'It's a Miracle!' - Songs and Stories of Chanukah

- Roladin 2023 Sufganiyot at IDF base

- Sapir Family Tasting Sufganiyot

- Hanukah Songs Instrumental - Arie Simantov

- Eating Dairy on Chanukah

- Rabbi Gestetner - Chanukah. The way to do a mitzvah.

- PJ Library: Hanukkah Dreidel Characters

- Chanukah Mosaic - 1600 Rubik's Cubes

- Hanukkah Festival of Lights - Read Along Books for Children

- Al Hanissim - A Jazzy Hanukkah with the Domi Edson Trio - instrumental

- Sevivon, Sov Sov Sov - A Jazzy Hanukkah with the Domi Edson Trio - instrumental

- Maoz Tzur A Jazzy Hanukkah with the Domi Edson Trio - instrumental

- Rabbi & Liat Lieberman's Chanukah 5784

Message to the Perth Jewish Community

- JDC: Making Miracles Happen: Chanukah in the FSU

- Creating a Colorful Picture for Chanukah

- My Jewish Mommy Life: Jewish Holiday Hanukkah Home Tour!

- Maccabee Bar brings Hanukkah spirit to NYC

- Gingerbread Sufganiyot

- Morah Music: The Story Of Chanukah In Song

- First Chanukia going up in Gaza

- Chanukah Songs for Kids - Reuti & Rashit

- Chanukah Coin Cookies

- Celebrate Chanukah with Chaimon Pa'amon

- Shmilly Rothschild Chanukah Medley - Yiddish and Hebrew

- Hanukkah Song - "Chanukah March" - Yiddish Song

- Rabbi Lewin: What are the Hanukkah blessings over the candles?

- Parsha Studio: Baking - Chanukah Special Edition!

- Uri Pilichowski - Chanukah the centrality of Jerusalem

- Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky: Chanukah: Creating Miracles

- Laws of Chanukah Candle Lighting - Rabbi Dr. Eli Yoggev

- Everyday Hebrew - Hanukkah

- KCAL News: Celebrating Hanukkah with Delicious Food


Please share. Thank you!

Chanukah Sameach!

Have a Happy Chanukah!

Jacob Richman

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