Software Team Leader


Software Team Leader

Looking for Software Team Leader in financing software development field in Jerusalem.

If you are interested you can send me your CV to [email protected]

Lead a development team of 2-3 strong developers, in a company creating high-end automatic financial trading systems.
Be responsible for a project, including direct connection with the customer.
Be a leading developer in your team.

Challenging and fascinating work environment.
High compensation to the qualified applicant.

Desired Skills & Experience:

 - 6 years or more of development experience, mainly C/C++
 - Extensive Knowledge in Linux environment 
 - Experienced in High performance software systems, code optimization and latency measurement.
 - Basic Leadership and managerial skills:
 - Experience in Effort estimation, architecture and software design
 - Managed a small group of developers

Customer oriented skills:

 - Excellent English
 - Experience in some customer-related skill: requirements collection, support etc.
 - Experience in project management: task management, planning, pusher personality.
 - Needs to commute to Jerusalem 5 days a week. 


 - Experience in the financial industry and algorithms
 - Exposure to wide range of systems, software and libraries.
 - Scripting experience (bash,python)
 - Experience with customer in the US / EU

Please, send your CV to [email protected]


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