Great (free) animated Chanukah videos from Chanukah Unites!


Great (free) animated Chanukah videos from Chanukah Unites!

Chanukah Unites has brought out wonderful new animated videos this year!

These entertaining clips are great for the whole family and are designed to spark discussion and illuminate the meaning of Chanukah!

You can see this year's videos as well as past videos on their website or YouTube channel (subscribe to the channel so you don't miss future videos!)

Here are the new videos for this year:

1. Pillows and Feathers:

2. Extraordinary Tzedaka:

3. Unbreakable Branches:

4. The Tallis That Was Never Washed Again:

5. And one (not animated) for mature audiences - Why the Menorah?:

You can also follow Chanukah Unites on Facebook to watch new and past videos:

Chanukah Same'ach!

The Chanukah Unites Team and the Lishi's Love Foundation


Rochie Hurwitz


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