Job Opp Technical QA & Documentation Specialist


Job Opp Technical QA & Documentation Specialist
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Position:Technical QA & Documentation Specialist

We’re looking for career-minded people who have strong internet technology skills and are passionate about interacting with and helping customers.

As a member of our development team, you will provide software quality assurance and usability services, prepare end-user documentation, and provide technical customer support. 

Qualities we’re seeking someone:

  • Who has experience with software testing and enjoys challenges and solving problems
  • Who is proficient with HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, APIs, etc.
  • Has a good understanding of SEO, SEM, ASO, and VSO
  • With a strong work ethic, are willing and able to work independently in a responsible manner and enjoy working remotely as an important member of an online team.


  • Master the use of our software (in-office and online training will be provided)
  • Design and execute test plans
  • Work on bug reproduction, do first analysis and communicate with developers to resolve
  • Monitor changes in third party API integrations, respond to their requests for submission of information regarding our use of their APIs, obtain new or renewal approvals, etc.
  • Write new/update existing software documentation in various formats (e.g., written, video, webinar)
  • Participate in onboarding of enterprise clients (e.g., customized API instructions, online training, conversion of data from external sources, etc.)
  • Provide Tier 2 B2B customer support: involves complicated questions that may require you to research customer inquiries and quickly ascertain and communicate in business English, the information they need to successfully use our software. For example, referring a customer to the appropriate help documentation, researching issues with third party integrations that we support, training and guiding customers through a custom solution we’ve created for them, discerning whether what a customer is requesting already exists in our software or if it is appropriate to pass their request to our development team, etc.

·Keep up to date on the latest SEO and digital marketing hot topics, trends and official announcements

·Other related tasks as assigned

Required Qualifications

·You can legally work in Israel (e.g., you are a citizen with an Israeli ID)

·Proficiency with HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, APIs, other programming skills, or Excel functions and formulas

·Experience writing end user documentation

·Professional business English at mother tongue level – both written and verbal communication skills

·B2B Customer service and tier 2 technical software support experience with strong research and technical skills, and ability to quickly learn new concepts

Knowledge of SEO terminology, PPC, Social Media marketing and trending digital marketing techniques, and the ability to intelligently discuss them in a professional manner via all  communication channels

  •    Positive attitude, strong work ethic and a passion for providing excellent customer service
  •    Experience with Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Ads

·Proficiency in online meeting applications, CRM, and Microsoft Office and Google Business Apps

·You must have a computer with a secure high-speed Internet connection, an audio source and a headset to support the audio source, and a quiet place to work.

Hours and Compensation

·Full-time, 5 days a week: Sunday through Thursday


Send your resumé or link to your LinkedIn profile to [email protected] with a brief cover letter telling us why you’re applying for this position, and include a list of relevant software, languages and tools you have experience with that you think will help you be successful in this job.


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