Fundraiser/Grant writer


Fundraiser/Grant writer
Freelance / Contractor



Change the world for Good and earn an income

Uncapped Opportunity:

Raise funds by establishing partnerships and get compensated commensurate to between 15 - 20% of the funds you raise. There is no base salary with this opportunity.

Recurring Income:

Without a recurring income you will have to sell for the rest of your life. Build a future with WPT recurring income program, which allows you to keep receiving an income for as long as the donar gives.

Training & Support:

No experience required. What is required, is a motivation to succeed by making the contacts and the follow-ups. We provide you with all the sales materials such as letters to Businesses, Religious organizations and other partners. We provide you with sample proposals and give you the freedom to create your own fundraiser events.

Ready Made Proposals:

We have proposals prepared for you with many funding options and benefits for the business, such as a plaque on our donar wall. Just change the name and logo of the business and that;s it!

Why World Peace Tracts?

  1. Established now for almost 15 years on the front lines of peace.
  2. Recognized and supported by the government ambassadors and Nobel Peace Prize winners such as the late president of Israel, Shimon Peres and South African Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu and others.
  3. Sweden and Jerusalem Based, which has international appeal.
  4. Co-founded and Chaired by Lovisa Viktorsson in Uppsala and Directed by Yosef Yomtov in Jerusalem.
  5. The only charity in the world which has developed this inversion of “war propaganda” into a messenger for peace. We have “Beaten Swords into Plowshares”
  6. Broad appeal. We serve not only in Israel, but are poised to address conflict zones around the world including inner city violence. Anywhere that “Peace through Understanding” can be fostered, which is in most all areas of conflict.
  7. We offer tangible benefits to donors to help you close the partnership. We place donoras on our donar page in our website. We send them recognition awards such as a wall plaque for their offices, and they are able to do their part in the universal service to peace that we all share.



Swords into Plowshares

World Peace Tracts have effectively beaten a weapon of war into a tool for peace by developing peace tracts to build peace through understanding between conflicting parties. These touching and true stories cut through the hate rhetoric and work to counteract hate propaganda that is a regular feature of war and conflict since the beginning of time. Peace Messages in the form of short stories with lots of drawings has proven very effective over the years and is most recently used by the US military in Afghanistan.


These short illustrated stories are taken from real life events where one conflicting side helped or in some cases saved the life of someone they are in conflict with.These short messages are designed for all ages and are quickly read and passed on many times before being discarded.

How am I paid? Is this a Salary Job

This is not a salary position. You are paid by performance. You will get up to 25% but not less than 15% of what you raise.

This is a contract position and you should have another source of income until you build an income.

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Thank you