Put Jewish history on your Seder plate with Segula Magazine!


Mar 21, 2023 | Miscellaneous | National
Put Jewish history on your Seder plate with Segula Magazine!

I highly recommend this quality magazine!

Put Jewish history on your Seder plate this Pesach!
The latest issue of Segula Magazine is packed with fascinating family reading.

Seder Mysteries. Historic Haggadot. Redemption Stories.
Find out how Elijah the prophet became the Seder's star guest and why Americans couldn't agree on what to wish for at the end of their Seder. Plus klezmer secrets of the Lag Ba'omer procession to Meron and more!

Special Offer: Try the Pesach issue for just 55 NIS, including delivery in Israel ($18 worldwide): https://segula.vp4.me/PesachOffer

Segula Jewish History Magazine introduces you to the figures who shaped the history of our people and to stories that you have never heard before. Superbly written, meticulously researched, and lavishly illustrated with maps, timelines and more.

Order now for delivery before Pesach!

To view a past issue of Segula magazine: bit.ly/Segula-sample

Rochie Hurwitz

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