I3M Business Development and Client Campaign Manager 994284


I3M Business Development and Client Campaign Manager 994284
Full Time
[email protected]
Beit Shemesh

You Are:

● You CARE about your clients and fellow employees

● You are PASSIONATE about sharing love for Israel

● HIGH LEVEL enough to lead, but DOWN TO EARTH enough to get hands dirty

● HUMBLE and always learning new models / technologies / processes

● People-person, FRIENDLY and warm. A team-player

● DETAIL ORIENTED and organized multi-tasker who can get stuff done

● Not waiting for instructions, but a driven and passionate SELF STARTER

Your High Level Strategic Responsibilities are:

● Growing and managing revenues and profit through optimizing current client base

and building a focused client pipeline for additional streams of revenue.

● Managing and creating the best client servicing experience through excellence in

communication and alignment of workload.

● Planning, executing, and coordinating all I3M Client Campaigns with a creative,

content, growth using a comprehensive data driven approach

● Gaining influence and buy-in of content concepts by other team members and

where applicable, clients.

● Ensuring that all client campaigns are built using the donor/purchaser/subscriber

“funnel” experience as the gold standard - taking the individual through the journey

from awareness, engagement, acquisition, and retention.

● Growing core services that provide the best solutions for the client -- PPC,

Crowdfunding, Lead Generation, etc.

Your day to day Tactical Responsibilities are:

● Leading agenda driven client strategy team meetings to ensure alignment, smooth

and timely execution on all projects and campaigns.

● Driving, growing, and delivering revenue targets using all tools available that are

aligned with the A to Z Project/Campaign Guidelines

● Managing weekly tactical and strategic meetings with other relevant team players

to plan and execute campaigns. Assist in setting priorities in order to deliver parts of

a campaign timely.

● Developing, building and selling client strategies, targets and sales presentations.

● Selling and negotiating deal structure and assist in invoicing/collections

● Nurturing client relations through consistent touch bases, campaign reviews and

sales meetings,

● Planning and scheduling client monthly/quarterly/annual reviews and strategy


● Ensuring the usage of all corporate management standards - use of A to Z

Project/Campaign Planning Sheets, Post Mortem Recap Sheets, Data Reporting,

Asana Task Management, executing comprehensively and following clear direction

from management, etc

● Taking the initiative and gaining management buy-in to optimize opportunities

and eliminate obstacles in the company's execution of projects and campaigns.

Your Key Performance Indicators will be:

● I3M Monthly Revenue Targets versus Plan

● Top 6 Client Revenue Growth and Retention Rates

● Increasing sales in strategic core services offered


● Proven track record of leading digital marketing campaigns

● Proven track record of selling consulting/advertising services with over $1MM

in sales

● Experience with leading teams and clients in a constructive, effective and

positive manner.

● Cultural fluency of both Israeli, Jewish and American culture

● Familiarity with digital tools especially Mailchimp, Google Analytics and

Facebook ads.

Full time in Beit Shemesh (near the train station)

We offer a job with a mission = Promoting Israel + Amazing team +

Competitive Salary.

Send CV to [email protected]


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