Bracha Haskel IBCLC Lactation Consultant and Childbirth Ed


Bracha Haskel IBCLC Lactation Consultant and Childbirth Ed
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Bracha Haskel IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Childbirth Education

Breastfeeding--it's much more than a way to feed a baby!

Consultations in your home in Jerusalem and surrounding area for breastfeeding preparation and problem solving.

Knowledge is the key to successful breastfeeding!

A few tips:

**Learn as much as possible about breastfeeding before the birth.

**Get a good start by breastfeeding as close to the birth as possible and rooming-in in the hospital.

**Feed your baby according to his cues, and not according to the clock.

**Learn how to recognize that your baby is swallowing milk.

**Learn how to attach your baby properly to the breast, in order to avoid painful feeds.

**Grab the phone before you grab a bottle of supplements!

**It's easier to solve breastfeeding problems when you call for help as early as possible.

Bracha Haskel IBCLC

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant


Childbirth Education

Spiritual, emotional and physical preparation for birth and breastfeeding:

-for couples who want to create a positive, empowering birth experience.

  • -for women who want to fulfill their aspirations for breastfeeding their baby.

-for grandmothers-to-be who want to accompany their daughters' birth.


Clients Satisfaction

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Aviva Ellis
1 year ago

I hired Bracha when I gave birth in 2021. She came to the melonit at the last minute. She was so helpful, kind, knowledgable and reassuring. She also came to my home several times over the coming months. She was always available to answer my many questions and to help me with nursing my baby. I have just recommend her to a pregnant friend.