Esther Hertz


Esther Hertz
Part Time, Work from home
0548494314 [email protected]
Zarchi 44/2 Jerusalem

For the last three years, I was Human Resources Manager in Service King International. I handled recruitment, intake, training and employee concerns in their large and fast-paced sales environment. Through initiatives such as employee feedback forms, a multi-tiered structure aimed at improving retention, and initiating and coordinating a management leadership seminar, I contributed to the strength of the company and to its positive energy.

Building on my strong organizational, management, and social skills, I pursued a Bachelor’s in Health Care Management, which I completed with honors. I recently augmented this degree with a course through Bar Ilan University in Yiutz Irguni (Organizational Consulting), where I gained a cutting-edge sense of today's work environment. In addition, I am fluent in English and highly functional in Hebrew.

I bring to the task strong communication and interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and a commitment to excellence. With much experience managing multiple tasks simultaneously, I am organized and time-focused as well. I would welcome the opportunity to be a growing part of your mission.