Sukkot Update including 6 new Sukkot Hebrew song pages, 49 Cool


Sukkot Update including 6 new Sukkot Hebrew song pages, 49 Cool

Hi Everyone!

I updated the educational resources about Sukkot at:

Additions include:

* Torah Tidbits: Issue1534 - Sukkot & Shmini Atzeret

* HaMizrachi Magazine: Sukkot - Simchat Torah 5784

* Philo Torah : 4 Minim

* Philo Torah : Ushpizin

* Philo Torah : Sukkot Bencher

* YU Torah Sukkot Insights

New Sukkot Hebrew Song Pages

* Patish Masmer - A Hammer, A Nail

* Basukkah Shelanu - In Our Sukkah

* Shlomit Bonah Sukkah - Shlomit is Building a Sukkah

* Sukati Hasukkah - My Sukkah is the Sukkah

* Sisu Vesimchu Besimchat Torah - Rejoice and be Joyous

on Simchat Torah

* Vesamachta Bechagecha - You Shall Rejoice on your Festivals

Sukkah Photo Gallery

Sukkot Videos on YouTube

* What is Sukkot

* Why we as Orthodox Jews

live in a Booth for a Week Every Year

* Sukkot 2023 by Shurack Family Productions

* Sukkot - Sugar Parody

* Building a Sukkah with a Mitzvahland Sukkah kit

* Sukkah decorations made of paper in Sukkot DIY

* Chabad Camarillo: Sukkot Message

* Everyday Hebrew: Sukkot

* Rabbi Yaron Reuven: What Is The Most Important Mitzvah of Sukkot?

Sukkot Humor

* Barbie Dream Sukkah

* Shaken Not Stirred

* When Ordering the 4 Minim from Ali Express

* Rules of the Sukkah - Dr. Seuss Style

* 49 Cool Edible Sukkot

* A New York Etrog

* Encamped in Sukkot

* It's Sukkot

* Succot Nights - Grease - Summer Nights Parody

* All Shook Up - Elvis - All Shook Up Parody

* You Know It's Sukkot In Israel Because.....

* Hoshanot


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Chag Sukkot Sameach!

Happy Sukkot!


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