SOS situation for sick father and son


SOS situation for sick father and son

Shavua Tov.....Thank you and Bless you to all the people that have helped this poor family in Jerusalem. B"H.

Many of you may know about this man and his son that we have been trying to help. The situation is now much worse and very sad. It has been confirmed that the father has Cancer as well as other serious health problems. He is in constant pain. He needs at least two surgeries very soon and we are all hoping and praying he does not also need Chemotherapy.

I have been trying with all my power to help, but it seems I have not done well and it breaks my heart.

Please kindly help them. Please.....All details about the situation and how to donate are below.

I can supply letters and contact info for Rabbis Berel Wein and Zvi Schwartz as well as documents about his severe medical issues.

The group moderators ask me to keep it short, so I will try my best. If anyone wants more details or information, please email me and I will explain more if needed.

This is a father that is very ill with a son in a special school that is also dealing with health problems.

The father worked for a company outside of Israel that went bankrupt, owing him a very large amount of money, which put him in serious debt. That was bad enough, but now he is horribly sick.

They are alone, just the two of them, with no other family to assist them.

He is not just struggling, he is suffering very much.

This is a very sweet, nice man who always helps others, even now, and he now desperately needs help to pay rent, bills, and take care of his beautiful boy so he can focus only on his health and his son's health. With everything else going on with him, he arranges food packages for poor families every Thursday for Shabbat. He is a wonderful person.

There are American and Israeli charities accepting donations online for them. It is also possible to help through their local grocery store or by bank transfer to friends helping the family. Please contact me for details.

For USA tax deductible receipts, the Bayswater Neighbors Fund has a website to donate. I will write the link below. If anyone prefers to send a check, please email me and I will send the details.

Right above the SUBMIT button on the donation form is written "My contribution is for:" and then they have a drop-down menu to choose where the donation will go. Important to choose, "Family in Jerusalem", and push Submit button once. This is very important or they will not know to whom to give the donation. Please also email me if you donate so we can follow up.

Here is the link to donate.

For Israel donations/receipts, please see the link below. It is VERY IMPORTANT to write FUND 2110 in the comment box or the donation will not go to the family and to email me if you donate so we can follow up. Here is the link for the Mekimi organization donation page.

Then click on "Secured donation by credit card" and please remember to write FUND 2110 in the comment box.

Thank you all in advance. Tizku L'Mitzvot


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