Updated: JR Humor Pages


Updated: JR Humor Pages

Hi Everyone!

Start the week with a smile on your face.

I added many new pages to my humor sections


Jewish Cartoons from around the Net


- You're Late Again!

- Can you hear me now?

- Teshuva is in the Air

- First Photo they Released from Mars

- We Survived and Outlived Them All

- Weather Rock

- A Basic Yarmulke Guide

- When I Forgot Jerusalem

- Cooking for Shabbat While Shopping Online

- Took Grandma to the Chinese Restaurant

- Mislabeled Jewish Symbol

- Jewish Literature

Clever Humor


- Air and Space Museum

- Knights of the Ikea Table

- Pyramid Scheme

- We Can Remove It

- Rules of Chocolate

- Protecting Your Food

- Animal Pun Discussion

- A Quote for Every Occasion

- Google Now Hiring

- Not All Turtles are Born in the Wild

- Beginner Weights

- 100% Vegan Ice Cream

- Clever Sayings

- Egg Fear

- Material Witness

Old Tech Humor


-Your Place

- When I was a Kid This was my Computer

- Pre-Internet Chat Room using Old Version of Windows

- When I was a Kid, this was my Mobile Phone

- How to Frighten the New Generation

- The Very Latest Technology

- The Real Struggle

Cool Science T-Shirts


The Snoopy Page



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