10 new Passover song pages


10 new Passover song pages

Hi Everyone!

I created ten new Passover Hebrew song pages at:


The new pages are:

* Kadesh Urchatz

* Mah Nishtanah

* Chad Gadya

* Dayenu

* Betzeit Yisrael Mimitzrayim

* Echad Mi Yodeah

* Ki Lo Naeh

* Adir Hu

* Vehi Sheamda

* L'Shana Haba'ah B'Yerushalayim

Each page includes Hebrew videos, Hebrew lyrics with

English translations and transliterations.

Listening to and understanding Hebrew songs

is a fun way to improve your Hebrew.

There are now 51 Hebrew song pages on the site.


Please share. Thank You!

Have a good night,

Jacob Richman

[email protected]


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