Title Insurance - New Order Department Manager


Title Insurance - New Order Department Manager
Full Time
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Ramat Beit Shemesh

New Orders Department Manager

Better Research Ltd. is an Israeli corporation providing title insurance production services to its client, Riverside Abstract, one of the leading title companies in the US. Riverside’s tagline is “Just Better” and at Better Research, we are here to support that vision. We give Riverside’s staff and clientele the dedicated, driven, service-oriented support they need to facilitate closing fast moving and complex transactions successfully.

The New Orders department is responsible for receiving title insurance orders from clients, setting up the order in our system, and ordering all the necessary searches from both internal and external vendors according to protocols that differ from deal to deal, county to county, and state to state. As the first stop that a client makes in the title insurance journey, the order entry department is where the groundwork is laid for a successful closing. With a deep understanding of our business, order entry personnel can gather all the relevant information from clients while giving them confidence that we will be able to handle their file with the skill, precision, and speed that they need to execute their closing.


-Work in our RBS office from 4pm-12am to manage the order entry process, including training staff, coaching, and quality control.

-Liaise with the management of our current team executing order entry, including monitoring the efficacy of that team and/or building an order entry team here in Israel or in another location.

-Embody a culture of customer service, providing white-glove service to internal and external clients and instilling an attitude of service into order entry personnel.

-Deeply understand how the success of the intricate order entry stage has a snowball effect on the success of all the further stages of a transaction, and can make or break multi-million dollar deals.

-Continuously deepen understanding of our business, title insurance best practices, and current instructions from in-house counsel and our underwriters, and leverage that knowledge to ensure that our order entry group is consistently placing orders in a way that facilitates both compliance with insurance standards and quick, efficient closings.

-Handle higher-level phone calls with clients and vendors to determine how to set up complex transactions correctly.


-Ability to multitask and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

-Experience successfully managing a team of at least 5 people.

-Ability to think outside the box and apply previous knowledge to new situations to come up with solutions.

-Proven ability to enhance processes, bringing efficiency into complex systems.

-Excellent communication and organizational skills.

-Customer service mentality and a can-do attitude.

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