Therapy & Counseling Services in Efrat


Therapy & Counseling Services in Efrat

If you long to feel seen, heard, & understood

If you long for a safe place to feel supported

If you long to feel stronger in your(Self)

If you long getting to know your inner landscape

If you long to know and understand your triggers

If you long to bring more empathy into your life and being

Hi, I'm Sarah.

I'm a certified Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapist and Trauma Professional (CTP).
I have a Bachelor's, Master's and PhD ABD in Social Work.

I understand that therapy can be a vulnerable experience.

And it can be difficult to find the therapist where you feel comfortable bringing this vulnerability.

So I very much strive to offer a safe, nurturing, compassionate space for you.

I will be a sensitive, warm, and empathetic witness to whatever you bring to our sessions.

Our Work Together

Possibilities for our work together, in order to bring these qualities to life for you outside of our sessions:

-mindfulness for thought patterns and ways of doing
-transform judgment, blame, and guilt
-bring curiosity to life challenges and internal issues
-nourish your inner confidence and wisdom
-improve emotional awareness & empathy skills
-create more love and compassion for self and others
-develop your warm hearing heart
-foster nonjudgment and acceptance
-get to know yourself and your inner landscape
-coping skills for stress and anxiety
-and more

Populations I work with at this time:
Individuals (no couples)
Stress and anxiety
Support for parents (including special needs)
Mood fluctuations
Eating disorders
Chronic pain/fatigue
Chronic medical conditions
Relationship difficulties
Anyone wanting care, support, guidance through stressful times or transitions

The modalities I work with:

IFS (Internal Family Systems)
Nonviolent Communication (Marshal Rosenberg)
Compassionate Inquiry (Gabor Maté)
Focusing Therapy
Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy
Trauma Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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