Financial & Process Analyst


Financial & Process Analyst
Full Time

Joseph Jeremiah Cox

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A seasoned and versatile analyst and writer who possesses 20+ years of international experience modelling and documenting solutions to complex financial problems for clients across a wide range of industries.

Portland State University M.S. in Financial Analysis    GPA: 3.94/4.00
University of Pennsylvania B.A. in Intellectual History       GPA: 3.67/4.00

WheelTug Financial Analyst, Quality Manager       05/2012 – Present

  • Developed and maintained financial model to support senior management decision-making.
  • Created and implemented aerospace design and manufacturing quality system, including documentation.
  • Co-inventor on 43 aerospace patents.

Nike Senior Business Analyst       05/2011 – 05/2012

  • Developed margin optimization systems to support financial decision-making across divisions.
  • Developed method of integrating inconsistent types of business data to support product planning processes.

IBM, LBPS Inc. Financial & Operations Analyst       05/2009 – 07/2011

  • Designed and built ‘whole-business’ loan-servicing model including loan delinquency forecasting, activity-based staffing, detailed operational metrics, loss mitigation pipeline throughput forecasting and loan default forecasting.
  • Served on a 4-person strategic planning team that monitored company operations, developed/supported management initiatives, modelled future requirements, and interfaced both with IBM management and the client.

Mercedes Benz Financial Services Financial Systems Analyst        05/2007 – 02/2008

  • Uncovered and repaired numerous financial errors well ahead of planned project schedule.
  • Model template was adapted to control financial systems in other geographic areas.
  • Designed a new Commissions Module, providing the business with unparalleled commissions agility.

Stream Solutions Process Analyst, Client Liaison       12/2006 – 05/2007

  • Repaired damaged relationship with largest client, which provided revenues of over $60M/year.
  • Cut 10 days from the billing and payment cycle in two months.
  • Developed measurement of savings model to strengthen value proposition for clients.

Intel Corp., EMT Group Business Analyst       02/2004 – 02/2005

  • Defined the Event Management Tool system for the management of face-to-face events with up to 5000 attendees.
  • Defined and documented almost 200 unique, but interrelated, interactive pages.
  • Designed and executed user acceptance tests (UAT) and other test cases, including regression tests.
  • Software was audited by two third-party agencies; rated as the industry’s best in-house event management system.

English Churches Housing Group Process Analyst       06/2002 – 12/2002

Developed, documented, and trained staff on a new purchasing process to supply 10,000 special needs housing units in 168 local areas through the United Kingdom. Significantly cut purchasing costs.

Sabrix, Inc. Financial System Designer       11/2000 – 06/2002

  • Created a unique tax jurisdiction methodology and ‘language’ that eliminated much of the complexity faced by traditional transaction tax solutions.
  • HP, Yahoo, Daimler, Amazon, Cisco, IBM, DuPont, GM, Comcast and Best Buy were Sabrix clients.

PinPoint Corp. Product Manager, Documentation Specialist, Business Analyst                                           11/1998 – 08/2000

  • Produced and maintained software and print versions of over 1000 pages of technical documentation including API documentation, functional specifications, user manuals, hardware manuals and marketing materials.
  • Produced requirements, user interface designs and system design specifications for PinPoint’s software suite.
  • Managed the development and fielding of a small-scale demonstrator system for potential clients.

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