LG V20 Pro Phone Solid, High Specs, B&O: ONLY 500 sh.

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LG V20 Pro Phone Solid, High Specs, B&O: ONLY 500 sh.
500 NIS
0525448695 [email protected]

LG V20 PRO SmartPhone 

Excellent Features and Specifications !!!! 

A REALLY GREAT SALE PRICE !!! 500 sh. My RECEIPT is over 1,200 sh. 

Full Information.

The LG V20 is 160 mm. Famous, very talented and huge.

The LG V20 PRO is 150 mm. Newer, better and the Japanese model. Of Course, Full Google Apps and Services; Full English with English/ Hebrew Keyboard.

Type in at GOOGLE > LG Q8 (2017).  ( The same phone, USA name ) SEE > GSM ARENA link : Full Information and Pictures.

Dark Grey Metal on all sides, Slim and Solid. 149 x 72 x 8 mm. size.

Recent, Like New, Perfect, Original Box .... unused B&O EarPhones !! ... new Samsung charger !! .... ( and a new, very good-looking leather case).

Android 7 / 2017 Phone with EXCELLENT SPECIFICATIONS !!  

32 GB/ 4 GB,  IP67 water/dust resistant, 564 p.p.i. sharp resolution, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 16 + 8 MP Dual Cameras, Quad (4) DAC High-Quality B&O Audio, 3000 Battery, fast charge, memory card insert, 3.5 mm. earphone jack, FM Radio.

ALSO ! ! Two Options at the top of the front display: Anywhere you are in the phone you can access other apps by clicking on the option at the top display .....You can also put any name or words ... at the top (and change it anytime). 

LG V20 Pro: Perfect Condition , Very Expensive Receipt and a Very, Very Good Price: 500 shekels !!!!

Dovid, Kiryat Moshe or Mid Town, Tel / Text 052.544.8695.