Shavuot Shabbaton Retreat in Beautiful Bat Ayin


Shavuot Shabbaton Retreat in Beautiful Bat Ayin
Physical 25/05/2023 27/05/2023 Starts 15:00 Ends 20:00 700 NIS [email protected]
Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin, 1 Yeffe Nof Bat Ayin

✨ Join us for our Shavuot Shabbton in beautiful Bat Ayin! Catch the early bird discount! ✨

Come, learn with us under the stars on Shavuot! Experience the unique spiritual atmosphere that flows through Bat Ayin as you enjoy a Shavuot of inspiration, nature and learning!

✡︎ Delve into mystical texts in our all-night learning!

✡︎ Learn spiritual insights about Shavuot! 

✡︎ Free yourself from the hustle & bustle of city life as you relax in nature and fully connect to Shavuot!

✡︎ Be inspired by our amazing Bat Ayin community of Rabbis, Rebbetzins, teachers and healers!

Early bird registration! Anytime before May 19th use this coupon code for ₪50 off - *50MBBA*

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