Welcome Home to the New Olim and Photos


Welcome Home to the New Olim and Photos

Hi Everyone!

Congratulations and welcome home to the 215 new olim that

made aliyah to Israel from North America. The NBN aliyah charter

flight arrived in Israel this morning, Wednesday - August 16.

I took 274 photos of this historic and exciting event and

I posted them online at:


I also uploaded the photos to Facebook for name tagging.

The Facebook album address is:


If you have a Facebook account and you are in the photos or

you see someone you know, please feel free to name tag the photos.

Please share the links. Thank you!

May the aliyah from all over the world grow and bring

more Jews back to their homeland, Eretz Yisrael.

Have a great day,

Jacob Richman

[email protected]


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