The Possible You in this Time of Crisis--Jerusalem


Jun 07, 2020 | Events | Jerusalem & Area
The Possible You in this Time of Crisis--Jerusalem

Men's & Women's Possible You Zoom Webinar with Rabbi Yom Tov


       The Possible You in this Time of Crisis

    Men's & Women’s Possible You Zoom Webinars with Rabbi Yom Tov

These challenging times are bringing up a lot for all of us.  Falling into the fear and uncertainty is a natural response, but not a very healthy nor inspiring one.  As Possible You graduates, you know there’s another way to approach the current crisis.  Even now, and more than ever, we need to be generating from our innermost powerful Being.

I am happy to see the amount of recent activity on your graduate chat groups.  Many of you are so thankful that you did the Seminar before this magefa hit.  It seems that the Possible You has given you incredibly important tools and experience for dealing with the difficulties we’re facing. 

At the same time, dozens of you have been reaching out for more.  Now is when you need “the refresher course”, to reignite your flames of love and possibility and strength.  While there’s always talk of a Possible You Seminar for graduates, our busy schedules prevented it from happening.  Well guess what?  Now we have the time!

We will review the entire seminar together on these Zoom meetings, with a special focus on our current situation and how to thrive even during these times.  This is the time to clarify the Possible You work so you can also be a great resource for the people around you.

Open for new commers!!

So whether you feel that you didn’t manage to integrate your work after the Seminar, or whether you’re ready to take your current life back into your hands, let’s make sure that you are in the ultimate resource state for the challenges we’re facing.

Now is the time!  Please join me in living our fullest even in these crazy circumstances. 


MEN- JUNE 7th 3-5pm EST

WOMEN- JUNE 14th 3-5pm EST

To join, CLICK HERE and add in the comments "Free Sunday intro men / women"


The actual seminar is taking place:

Sunday through Thursday, 3-5pm EST daily. 

Men: June 7 - 11

Women: June 14 - 18

Register here for the MEN course

Register here for the WOMEN course 

Of course, Rabbi Yom Tov Club Members receive their appropriate discounts. 

Click here for more information.

I hope to see you there!

With love,

Rabbi Yom Tov


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