Emotional counseling through Emuna


Emotional counseling through Emuna
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Urim-Vetumim st Shilo


Emotional counseling through Emunah

Are you:

  • Dealing with difficult / negative feelings?
  • Feeling stressed / stuck in life or in need of a change?
  • Struggling with conflicting voices?
  • Lonely or dealing with a difficult relationship?

* Do you have Emunah (faith) but are unable to access it?

If you would like help in finding the light that is hiding inside your darkness

I offer Jewish-Hasidic counseling for women,

to help you clarify and understand the voices within you,

access and realize your gifts and strengths,

bring more calm and closeness,

give you tools for turning

darkness into light,

bitterness into sweetness

and help you move your life ahead.

I look forward to hear from you,

Tamara Spero

Certified and experienced in Jewish / Hassidic counseling

Jerusalem and Shilo


“Each time i meet with Tamara for a session, i am brought to an amazing understanding of my next important step in my life..i get unburdened and empowered by her to go forward!”

“She is talented in sifting through confusion and assists in bringing deep clarity on many levels.”

“Anyone wishing to develop themselves personally will surely gain from her rich insight, warmth, and sincere desire and commitment to helping others”