Ever visited the Breslov Shul in Tzfat?


Ever visited the Breslov Shul in Tzfat?

Have you ever enjoyed an incredible Kabolos Shabbos in the Breslov Shul in Tzfat? If you have, you are one of the tens of thousands of guests who visit each year. The Breslov shul in Tzfat is a unique place that blends history with vivid and current spiritual life, welcoming Jews of all sorts of backgrounds in joyous prayer. The shul is at the center of a vibrant, if low income community. We are currently raising money to support and expand our shul and educational system. The breslov community also supports the only religious special needs school in Tzfat, and the only fully wheelchair accessible women's mikveh in northern Israel. Would you please take a moment to show your support and take a part of our important work?


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