Tour on Sukkot


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Tour on Sukkot
Physical 23/09/2021 23/09/2021 Starts 10:40 Ends 19:00 250 NIS
[email protected] 0522352724
1075 ocean parkway, 4d Brooklyn

Tzipori The Jewel of the Galilee.

In the heart of the Galilee lies Tzipori, home of the Sanhedrin and where the Mishna was redacted by Rabbi Yehudah Hanasi. The beautiful site had been thoroughly excavated recently, unearthing historic remains of the Mishnaic period.
The synagogue where rabbi Yehudah Hannasi taught and prayed and its exquisite mosaic floor has been discovered in the middle of the ancient Jewish quarter. Besides amazing Jewish finds, the most beautiful mosaic floor in the Mid East and perhaps the world - the '' Mona Lisa " of the Orient was uncovered in an opulent Roman villa.
Jews and Gentiles coexisted in this Roman occupied city which made it a commercial and cultural hub.The most extensive water works in the Galilee have been excavated along with broad Roman market streets, theaters and temples.Thursday Sept 23
This is by far the most varied and sophisticated site in the Galilee.

We will have the honor to be hosted by the "New Shomrim" group, protecting Jewish land from Arab encroachment, vandalism and protection rackets.
This idealistic volunteer organization works to fulfill a need that the government fails to provide.
Growing numbers of Jewish farmers rely on these young volunteers to defend their land and ensure that the land remains Jewish.
Departure from the Inbal hotel at 10:30
Return approx. 7:00
250 shekels
bring lunch
[email protected]


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