Israel Resources Update


Israel Resources Update

Hi Everyone!

Here is the Israel Independence Day

resources update:

* 75+1 new reasons I love Israel - Barbara Sofer

* Israe21c: Meet 48 Israelis who are uniquely

shaping Israel and the world

* The Jew and His Land - Rabbi Shmuel Goldin

* Israel 75 - New Cool Map by Yael Harris Resnick

* Israel Anniversary Coin

Films about Israel

* A Wing and a Prayer - free online at PBS

* The Long Way Home - free on Youtube

* Mivtsa Yonatan / Operation Thunderbolt

free on Youtube - Hebrew with English subtitles

2023 Israel Videos on Youtube

* Yom Ha'atzmaut Songs with Reuti

* Anachnu Nesharim Ba'aretz - Jerusalem Boy's Choir

* Israel's Holy Flag

* Kan Leolam - Ofra Haza and Zohar Argov in a new duet.

The first musical production in Hebrew whose singers' voices

have been reproduced using AI technology.

* Yom Ha'atzmaut Ceremony for Kindergarden Children

* Medley of Songs for Yom Ha'atzmaut - Shin Shin

* South Floridians travel to Jerusalem to celebrate Israel

* Ronit & Jonatan: Yom Ha'atzmaut - Hebrew, Humor

* Israeli Archive: Independence Day 1954

* Independence Day Set - DJ Yaniv S

* Independence Day Practice Flights near Tel-Aviv Beach

* F35 Practice Flights near Tel-Aviv Beach

Israel Photo Gallery


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Shavua Tov and and Yom Ha'atzmaut Sameach!


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