Moving sale -- great prices!

Stuff For Sale

Moving sale -- great prices!

Please contact [email protected] or 058-322-9116 for more info.

Toaster oven: comes with a pizza tray. 75 shekel
Plata,  35 shekel
Bleach: 10 shekel
Graco highchair comes with 3 trays, reclines 80 shekel
Unused swing: 60 shekel
Fleishig toaster, from pesach 90 shekel
Mattress, good for sukkos 40 shekel

Blocks 10 shekel
Baby toy 10 shekel
Cookbook used condition: 10 shekel
Milchig grater 10 shekel
Milchig ramekins, nice for Shalosh seudos or Shavuos, 15 shekel

Menorah box 18 shekel
Kumkum 20
Pots: best offer (individual or package)
Splitter, USB port 15 shekel
Converters high voltage, low voltage 50 shekel

More pictures available upon request.