English - Hebrew "Renting an Apartment" Vocabulary


English - Hebrew "Renting an Apartment" Vocabulary

Hi Everyone!

Before you plan your next move, prepare yourself with the

"Renting an Apartment" vocabulary section of

My English Hebrew Dictionary.


There are 23 study sheets with 150 words and terms

related to finding and renting an apartment.

Each word is written in Hebrew with nikud (vowels) and there is

an English translation and transliteration.

Do you know the Hebrew words for:

address, air conditioner, airy, apartment, bathroom, bedrooms,

ceiling fan, closets, electrical outlet, furniture, garden, gas meter,

guarantors, house committee payment, insulated windows, key,

landlord, lawyer, living room, long term, neighbors, neighborhood,

parking spot, public transportation, porch, property tax, renovated,

rental agreement, repairs, security deposit, short term, storeroom,

terms, wall closet, water pressure ?

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