Freelance / Contractor

I am starting a window cleaning service in the areas of Poleg and Ir Yamim (Netanya) dedicated to serving the Israeli, French and Anglo community - both in terms of providing steady jobs and providing quality cleaning services for homes and offices.

Ideal candidate: fast, thorough, positive attitude, can work without supervision, 100% reliable, English speaking, Israeli citizen (with Teudat Zehut). Cleaning experience is a strong plus but not necessary.

Part time or full time work, long-term or temporary.

All equipment provided.

Because it is a new business, sales will be slow at the beginning. It is better for someone who wants to work part time and has a flexible schedule.

The pay is a straight commission of 25% for each job performed and paid for. Tremendous room for growth- option for promotion to management position.

You need a teudat Zehut, a car, car insurance and a valid driving license.


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