Startup Work At Home Job (English Sale Agents)


Startup Work At Home Job (English Sale Agents)

We are a Workplace Services Startup that focuses on giving an alternative for mastering stress at workstations.

We are helping employees to bring welfare at their workplace locations and providing all the tools for implementing positively, the right way to work.

Our job consists of lowering reasonably but effectively, anxiety level as well as possible by utilizing our "placebo effect" HSmile solution.

Current needs:

We are hiring in a new working  atmosphere, commercial agents able to interact with proficiency in English toward individuals. (No TOEFL required but a professional understanding reading and writing only.)

Job’s applicants must justify at least three years of activity in the sales field and, preferably disposing of a freelancer status.

Three qualities you must have:

1) Smile at phone

2) Politeness

3) Ambition

Web requirement:

Knowing how to manipulate applications like: Basecamp, Duo, Gmail and Docs.


Minimum wage + high commissions ($4800/month).


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