Arik Design - Furniture Store


Arik Design - Furniture Store
050-522-2806 [email protected]
Sacharov 3 Rishon L'tzion

Arik Design specializes in importing and selling luxury home and office furniture. Furniture of the highest standard and the most impressive design, all at prices for each cover - so you will earn for yourself to purchase new furniture. The company's showroom is spread over 1200 meters, and there you will find a huge selection of furniture of all kinds. So a short stroll through the showroom will make the process of getting successes simpler. In the showroom you will find a variety of furniture among the specials: living room systems, dining areas, bedrooms, sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables, chests of drawers, lighting fixtures, rugs and a selection of different elements to complete the design in the house.

Arik Design's company aims to accompany the customer all the way, so you can be sure that you will always have an answer and assistance. The various professionals will take you hand in hand until they have chosen the perfect furniture for you, and if you come up with questions always convey a professional answer. Because at the end of the aspiration is that every customer left the showroom with a smile and not with question marks, and this is the task that the Eric Design team does in the best and most effective way.

Want to buy new furniture for your home or office? Come to Arik Design's showroom and you will not be disappointed.