Israel Bar Association Dinei Yisrael (Israeli Law) Exam Tutoring


Israel Bar Association Dinei Yisrael (Israeli Law) Exam Tutoring
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Private Tuition & Coaching — Israeli Bar Association Dinei Yisrael דיני ישראל Re-Qualification / Conversion Exams for Foreign Lawyers 

Noey Kolt, B.A., LL.B. (Hons.)

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 972-58-662-3061

Professional Bio

  • Foreign Law Clerk, Supreme Court of Israel
  • Legal Advisor, IDF International Law Department
  • Associate Attorney, Yigal Arnon & Co.
  • Israel Bar Association Member

Teaching Experience

  • Taught students from the US, UK, Europe and South Africa
  • First-hand experience completing all 9 Dinei Yisrael exams (on first attempt)
  • Average Dinei Yisrael grade 96.33%, including 100% in Legal Hebrew and Commercial A
  • Fluent in English and Hebrew

What’s included?

  • Study program tailored to your individual needs
  • Legal Hebrew vocabulary building
  • Coverage of all examinable legislation
  • Exam writing techniques
  • Exam simulation, grading and feedback

Tutoring all 9 Dinei Yisrael subjects

  • Legal Hebrew
  • Obligations & Labor Law
  • Property Law
  • Family & Inheritance Law
  • Criminal Law & Procedure
  • Commercial A
  • Commercial B
  • Civil Procedure & Ethics
  • Constitutional & Administrative Law