IDF drone targeted from Syria


IDF drone targeted from Syria


The UAV came under fire on the Golan.

An Israel Defense Forces unmanned aerial vehicle came under light arms fire from Syria on Wednesday, the military said.

The UAV was carrying out routine reconnaissance close to the border on the Golan Heights. It was not damaged and was able to complete its mission, the IDF said.

Israeli troops returned machine-gun fire towards the area where the attackers were located.

There were no immediate reports of injuries.

ירי מנשק קל בוצע לפני זמן קצר משטח סוריה לעבר רחפן של צה"ל שביצע משימת איסוף שגרתית. בתגובה, בוצע ירי מקלעים לעבר המרחב ממנו זוהה הירי. הרחפן סיים את משימתו ולא נגרם נזק

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Last month, the Israel Air Force downed an unidentified drone after it crossed from Syria into Israeli territory.

Helicopters and fighter jets were scrambled to intercept the craft, and it was brought down over open territory in northern Israel.

The drone did not pose a threat and alarms were not activated in nearby communities, the IDF said.

Also in April, the military on two occasions shelled Syrian army posts used by Hezbollah. Thereafter, the IDF dropped leaflets in the area warning Syrian soldiers against cooperating with Tehran’s terrorist proxy.

Additionally, the IDF attacked targets in Syria in response to six rockets fired towards the Golan Heights. The targets included a military compound of the elite Fourth Division of the Syrian Armed Forces, military radar systems and artillery posts.

The IDF has conducted hundreds of airstrikes over the past decade with a view to preventing Iran and its proxies from establishing a permanent military footprint in Syria.


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