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Greiff & Koven Attorneys at Law and Notary
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19 Nachal Dolev St., Park Center Mall, Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph Bet Shemesh

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The attorneys of Greiff & Koven, Thomas (Yakov) Greiff and Pinchas Koven, have over 55 years of combined lawyering experience. Greiff & Koven functions as a boutique firm, offering partner-only legal service to every client. Accordingly, we demand from ourselves and routinely provide personal service of the highest standard.

Being fully bilingual and versed in the business and cultural standards of both Israel and the United States, Greiff & Koven offers US (as well as other English-speaking) and Israeli clients a full range of services in both countries, running the gamut from court-appointed overseas court proceedings to private international estate planning and realization of overseas assets. We specialize in handling the unique and unexpected complications that characteristically arise in cross-border matters.

Greiff-Koven offers legal services in the areas of Family Law, Real Estate, Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Building and Planning Law and Administrative Law.

Greiff-Koven offers Family Law services including Trusts and Wills, Senior Law, Probate, Guardianship [Apotropsut], pre-nuptial agreements, Living Wills, etc. and most areas of Family Law [excluding Divorce]. The firm specializes in planning estates, Trusts and wills and wills according to Halacha [Jewish law] for clients/testators with dual citizenship, such as American or another Anglo-Saxon citizenship as well as Israeli citizenship. We also provide legal services for obtaining Israeli Probate Orders or foreign Orders, and general probate and estate litigation. We are authorized to execute the new Israeli Durable Power of Attorney.

G&K also specializes in real estate in Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem, and practically anywhere is Israel, as well as acquisition of farms [meshek] in moshavim. G&K represents small businesses and start-ups in Israel with ongoing legal counsel, commercial contract and litigation services, including Israeli labor law and corporate law.

Greiff-Koven offers specialized International cross-border legal services: Israeali enforcement of foreign judgments; written expert legal opinions on American law in Israeli courts and vice-versa, legal representation for Israelis in the United States and representation of foreigners in Israeli proceedings; the taking of testimony/depositions for American proceedings, investigation/location and attachment of assets in Israel; investigation/location of foreign assets; registration of trademarks, etc.

Greiff-Koven also provides second legal opinions, case evaluations, and peer review of other attorney’s work both in Israel and the US.

Advocate Koven specializes in Building and Planning Law, including filing of objections, appeals, and [hitnagduyot] and full representation in all planning stages; criminal defense in building code violations.

Yakov Greiff offers criminal defense in misdemeanors and minor felonies and crime victim advocacy.

Advocate Greiff provides full Notary services and translations in English and Hebrew, as well as Israeli Apostille services, and the Israeli equivalent of American Notary services in Israel.

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