Old Tech Humor Files


Old Tech Humor Files

Hi Everyone!

I updating my old tech humor files at:


Enjoy a humorous, nostalgic look at the past.

* The Real Struggle

* Access to Zoom in the 1970s

* I Miss Being Able to...

* When I Was a Kid, We Read Boxes at Breakfast...

* When I Was a Kid, This Was My Computer

* First Ever Cordless Phone

* This was My Google

* The Next Time you Kids Complain

* Kids Exploring Ancient Ruins

* Introducing a Book

* Search History

* Dad's Technology

* Alphabet of the Obsolete

* Wasting Timeline

* Historic Walking Tours

* Low-Tech Gifts

* Fossils from the mid-Technolithic Period

* Cyber Cemetery

* Technology Evolution

* The Original Computer

* Understanding Computer Technology

* Taking Pictures: Film vs Digital

* Alphabet Taught to Kids

* Welcome

* Vintage Social Networking

* Snail Mail

* The Original Smart Phones

* No Wifi

* Generation Gap

* Star Trek - Pedicting the Future since 1966

* Phone Models

* Grandma!

* She Never Leaves the House

* Hard to Believe...

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