Project Manager - Work from Home


Project Manager - Work from Home
Work from home

Project Manager - Work from Home

2-5+ years expertise in a project management role, including tracking progress on software development tasks and providing updates to managers or stakeholders.

Expertise in Jira or is preferred, but candidates with expertise in other tracker systems (Asana etc) will be considered.

Expertise producing reporting is a plus as well. Relevant tools include Excel or Google Sheets, and potentially also tools like Keynote or Powerpoint.

Provide relevant updates to stakeholders

The candidate would ideally be able to sit in on developer meetings, or receive written updates from the developers, and understand how to produce reporting based on that information.

We are a multi-national team, and most members of the tech team are English as a second language.

Strong written communication skills in English are important

Flexible hours

Work from home

To apply click!/ee2ba535-1b98-4432-a5ed-18bf900c3901/detail or email [email protected]


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