Free rent for female: room w toilet: help breakfast & pajamas

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Free rent for female: room w toilet: help breakfast & pajamas
1 Rooms
Floor 1 10 m² Owner [email protected]
Arzei Habirah/Light rail station (4 from center) Jeruslaem

Free rent (not food) in apt of elderly woman.

Her son lives with her and works from a home-office in her apartment, but sleeps in the downstairs part of the apartment.

You should have verifiable antibodies (either recent post-corona or have taken the second vaccine).

1 minute from light rail stop. Apartment overlooking a park.

Free rent and utilities in return for helping an elderly English speaking woman who needs very minor assistance only in the morning and before bed (see description below). 

You will have your own room right opposite hers, own toilet en suite, own small refrigerator in room.

She sleeps generally 11pm - 10 am, without any need of your help. 

Help needed:

Being present in the apartment 10pm-11am.

Before bed: getting into pajamas and taking her medication.

In the morning: overseeing the breakfast she takes by herself; then sitting with her for half hour afterwards, on the balcony in the sun or indoors (you can be on the internet during this time etc).

Walks herself, goes to bathroom herself.

On very rare occasions when she may need some help at night, you can wake her son who is sleeping downstairs.

In a middle-of-the-night emergency (thank God this has never happened) your help (going along with her son to the hospital etc) would be needed.