Info on high speed train to Tel Aviv??


Info on high speed train to Tel Aviv??
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I could not find specific information online about the high speed train between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. I found this language on the Israel Railways' own website:

The easiest and most convenient way to travel between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is the new rapid train, which has been operating since 2019. It starts from Herzliya and enables a very fast ride to Jerusalem from all the main train stations in Tel Aviv and vice versa: HaHagana, HaShalom, Savidor Center und Tel Aviv University!

But all the timetables still show almost an hour to University station in Tel Aviv So I called the Israel Railways consumer information. I got a very friendly, English-speaker agent. I asked him about the high speed line. He said he never heard of it! He said all of his timetables show at least 50 minutes. He asked me where I heard of it.

I told him 1) it is included on your own website; and 2) I know a woman who went from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in 25 minutes.

He said he couldn’t help me. This is MORE than bizarre! To say the least. Does anyone know how to get to Tel Aviv on the high speed train?


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