Managing Editor for Israel News Site


May 04, 2021 | Jobs | Writing | Beit Shemesh
Managing Editor for Israel News Site
Full Time
Ramat Beit Shemesh

Seeking a highly experienced, dynamic, journalism professional to manage the operations of an up-and-coming English-language Israel news site with a large audience 
Native level English speaker
Must have experience both writing and editing news stories
Management skills required to oversee a newsroom and handle writers
Strong knowledge of Israeli domestic and international issues and world politics
Great at writing punchy headlines that attract attention!
Strong ability to multi-task and respond quickly to breaking news
Wordpress Experience
Savvy with technology and social media including Facebook, Twitter, Apps and more
Implementing SEO strategies to maximize organic traffic
Familiar with tools such as Google Analytics that monitor traffic and user behavior on site
Available during off-hours when required (Not a "9 to 5" position
Ability to read Hebrew news sites and understand Hebrew TV and radio broadcasts
Please send resumes to: [email protected]


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