CompuTip - Cleanup your Windows N-334


CompuTip - Cleanup your Windows N-334

Keyboard shortcuts make using your computer faster and more efficient. 


Cleanup your work on Windows by learning a few new shortcuts.  Here is a list of 28 useful shortcuts.  I even found a few new ones that I intend to use in the future.

Here are a few of my favorites:
  • Open a recently closed tab in your internet browser: Ctrl + Shift "T"

  • Switch between open windows: Alt + Tab

  • Minimize everything and show desktop: Windows Key + "D" 

And here are a few "new" shortcuts:

  • Minimize window: Windows Key + Down Arrow

  • Maximize window: Windows Key + Up Arrow

  • Take screenshot of active screen: Ctrl + Alt + PrtScr

  • Open properties for selected item: Alt + Enter

  • Flip screen rotation: Ctrl + Alt + any arrow key
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