New Oleh Seeking legal advice


New Oleh Seeking legal advice


I am a new oleh and have started a small business in the hospitality industry. I have a luxury villa with 2 seperate suites (Zimmers) in the North (near Jordan park). I am currently having issues with a clients cancellation and looking for some legal advice. We do have a contract which the client had signed. I don't want to go in to to many details here but I definitely need some assistance in this matter. With everything thats happening, on top of being new to israel I am hoping to find someone who speaks english and can offer a reasonable rate for your service. 

If you are at all interested I am also willing to barter for your services  As I said these are luxurious units and the experience people have in my place can not be compared to almost anywhere in Israel. I can guarentee that the value will be greatly in your favor. Each unit regularly goes for 1500+/night. I am happy to talk and give you more details in private.

Best Regards, 


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