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Advertise on Janglo


Janglo reaches thousands of Olim and Internationals. We receive excellent candidates and appreciate Janglo's platform for the English speaking community.
Rachel Berger
Nefesh B'Nefesh


As a leading online advertising agency in the Jewish Niche market, we are always looking for quality media outlets that gives our clients the ROI they are looking for. JMG has been working with Janglo for years, not just because it is the leading news portal for anglos in Israel today but because the engagement of the readers is high and our clients receive results. Whether aiming for increased sales, new donors, student enrollments or a social cause, Janglo’s email list is on the top of our media plan. Their team of professionals are also a pleasure to work with.
Amanda Kuperman, CEO
Jewish Advertising Agency

We are very diligent in selecting media publishers to deliver our clients' promotional
material as our corporate motto is "results". Based on Janglo's 20 years’ experience,
knowledge of the market and reputation, we decided to test their mailout service.
The results were impressive. We have so far ordered 18 mailout campaigns with them.
Our clients get the desired traffic, leads and conversions. Janglo cares about their client
relationships and have been flexible and accommodating.
Fran Jakubowicz, CEO
SunHouse Marketing -
A Global Digital Marketing Agency


My firm has been working with Janglo for more than three years now. Ariel and his team are attentive and always available for consultation and advice. In fact, they've helped us improve our marketing so much that we need to implement a new system to manage leads! I highly recommend Janglo as an advertising platform.
Jay Hait
Hait Family Law


I am writing to let you know how very pleased we, at Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center, are with Janglo. Our appreciation has to do with multiple aspects of Janglo beginning with outstanding client service and going all the way through the results we received: direct and positive feedback from a meaningful percentage of recipients of Janglo e-mails. From this we were able to confirm that Janglo indeed reaches many within our 'Anglos in Israel' target audience. Thank you very much for everything. We very much look forward - BEH - to continue working with you and your Janglo Team on an on-going basis.
Abby Kanarek | Executive Director - Anglos in Israel
Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center


We help individuals transfer money, easily and affordably to Israel. During these crazy 
Corona times we ran an email advertising campaign with Anglo Media, and we're impressed with the results, reaching out Target market. In business you have to be smart and I love making advertising investments that pay for themselves! Thanks, Anglo Media!
Joseph Sokol
Oleh Pay -
Transfering Money to Israel


We consistently receive a great response from the job posts we place in Janglo! They offer an easy-to-use system, positive results, and an effective way to target exactly the socio-economic groups we need. It is a great platform to recruit new staff members and one we really appreciate in our drive to grow our company.
Paula Drakes-Cohen
Director of Content at Marketily


We are a fast-growing Jerusalem-based company, so whenever we need to hire we use Janglo. They reach a wide audience, they are easy to use, and help us find the bestcandidates. We always trust Janglo to get the word out about our company and our hiring needs.
Leah Schiff
BNR Consulting


Janglo is one of the most well-known job board here in Israel for Anglos. We, at Outsourcing To Israel, have been able to place many candidates who have applied through Janglo to work remotely for our American clients, and our posts always get many views and applicants . Thank you Janglo for sending great candidates our way and most important for your amazing service to the Anglo community.
Adina Steinhardt
Outsourcing to Israel


We are a legal Israeli company that employs English-speakers. Anglos bring so much to the job market--above and beyond the language! They are talented, committed, and capable! Janglo is one of the premier sites to post new positions for Anglos. As one of the first and most effective sites where English-speaking job seekers look, Janglo's job posts get a great response of qualified candidates! Their platform is well designed and user friendly. Time and again, Janglo proves to be a great place to post our employment opportunities!
Esther Hertz


Thanks to Janglo I have been able to help so many people over the years and I have really gained a lot from their service. Janglo is much more friendly than a magazine or newspaper; people come to Janglo to get advice, buy things, etc. and it's seems like a homely-friendly source of info for at least 90% of Anglos. Janglo connects us all here and it reaches internationally to those who are looking into making ''aliyah'' or have a “kesher” with Israel. Janglo makes them feel part of Israel without being physically here. My extended family keeps connected to Israel by checking up on Janglo regularly!

Here is some general information on Janglo

Janglo has been servicing the Anglo community in Israel since 2001 and is Israel's largest online community for English speakers. Janglo is today the Anglo community's top information source for services, jobs, housing, sales, events, education, deals, news, businesses, community related information and much more.

Thousands of businesses and organizations use Janglo to attract new clients, with listings in its business directory, premium advertising banners, content distribution channels, direct mailing and other delivery tools.

So far within this year Janglo has more than doubled its page traffic and has millions of page views per month from visitors from all over Israel, the US, France, the UK and many other countries.

Our weekly newsletter, which has been called the best email in the Jewish world, goes out to a large loyal base. Janglo maintains a close relationship with the Anglo community by sending millions of emails to its subscriber base.

Janglo has also a loyal social media following that attracts people to our community and helps drive traffic to other Janglo properties.

Banners on our site can be seen over 1,000,000 times and more per month.

Summary of Janglo's Advertising channels

1. Premium Listing in the Janglo Services Directory
LOCATION is key on how you post your listings on Janglo. The better LOCATION for your listing the more exposure it will have, the more people will see it. The PREMIUM listings are displayed at the top of your category and alternate throughout the entire website including the homepage and most internal pages. It’s like having a banner!

2. Website Banners
Banners on our site can be seen over 1,000,000 times and more per month. Janglo offers three sizes of banners on the website.

3. Weekly Newsletter Banners
Our weekly newsletter, which has been called the best email in the Jewish world, goes out to a large loyal base of subscribers. Janglo maintains a close relationship with the Anglo community by sending millions of emails to its base. The Janglo newsletter is the Anglo community's top information source for jobs, housing, sales, events, education, deals, news, businesses, community related information and much more. Janglo offers three sizes of banners on the newsletter.

4. Mail Out program

Our mail out program for reaching the "Anglo" community in Israel and beyond is sent to our large subscriber base. This list is very unique in the sense that our subscribers are loyal Janglo community members as compared to "just subscribers" like with most other list vendors, such as magazines, newspapers or advertising/deals lists, were emails are gathered from third parties or bought for a fee. Every single subscriber on our list has specifically come to Janglo and has requested to be part of our community and to receive information like yours. Our digital channel is used by highly respected digital media marketing firms, non-profit organizations, fundraisers, Yeshivot, hospitals, telephone companies, businesses in general and educational institutions such as IDC Hertzliya, Bar Ilan University, University of Haifa, Hebrew University, Jerusalem College of Technology, College of Law & Business, Tauro College (Israel and the US), Ben Gurion University, Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center, among others.

5. Articles Publishing
We publish your content article on Janglo and give it maximum exposure with a featured banner in our Experts Talk section on Janglo's homepage and in most internal pages of the website. The banner will be shown over one million times per month.

We look forward to helping you grow your business!

Contact us for further information: [email protected]


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