A giyores who is a Kallah is turning to you for your help.


A giyores who is a Kallah is turning to you for your help.

Dear brothers,I am a giyores who underwent conversion under the Beis Din of Rabbi Nissim Karelitz. Baruch Hashem I have recently gotten engaged to a Ben Torah and we are looking forward to building a Jewish home together in the coming month of Adar. Besides for my great joy and excitement I am also dealing with great worry and anxiety as to how I will cover the expenses of our marriage as I dont have any basic funds whatsoever. So far there have been some goodhearted people who told me they will take care of a small wedding hall and one sheva brachos. Besides for these two things I have nothing else due to lack of funds. I am reaching out to you please to help me come to my wedding day with the security in knowing that we have the basic necessities to start our life together. May you be zoche to all the Brachos in the merit of this Mitzva.
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