EXTERMINATION -  Professional and licensed Pest control services

Our company provides advanced, safe and high-quality pest control solutions for all types of pests in Israel. In doing so, each of our clients receives a thorough examination of the pest problem, while we locate its source and provide comprehensive and accurate treatment by dedicated means.

Spraying and exterminating apartments

Ant extermination - In order to deal with the problem of ants, comprehensive and thorough treatments are required, through spraying that requires the removal of tools and removal of furniture, or scattering baits that the ants carry with them to the nest.

Cockroach extermination - the treatment is carried out according to the specific type of cockroach and according to its living areas. American cockroach - spraying that requires leaving the house, German cockroach - treating baits in the contact points without the need to leave the house.

Flea control - identifying the centers of infection, spraying floors and carpets in the apartment.

Tick ​​eradication - the floors and walls in the apartment will be sprayed, focusing on the infected yard areas.

Treatment of pigeon lice - when there is a high infestation, we will spray the entire house, while with a low infestation, we will focus the pest control operations in the area of ​​the deposit.

Removal of ions - is performed using electricity, spikes and nets.

Pest control of wood pests - is done with the help of evaporation against pests such as acacia or pollen.

Food and moth insects - we will identify the source of the problem and find an appropriate solution, when sometimes the use of toxins will not be required.

Execution of other pests including mosquitoes, silverfish and wasps.

Termite control

Our company carries out termite control with the help of two main treatments:

Baits scattered near the termite activity areas, which are transmitted by the pests to the colony.

Drilling holes in the floor and injecting a special termite pesticide.

Bed bug control

It is a thorough and complex process in order to reach a complete solution. The treatment is combined and includes the burning of the eggs using hot air, pumping the entire place including pictures and shelves, focusing on the focal points, and at the end performing a thorough spraying.

Rodent control

We carry out commands of moles (rats), mice and rats according to the type and nature of the rodent, including the use of regular or special traps and baits.

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