Corona Antivirus: Quick Reference Card J-344


Corona Antivirus: Quick Reference Card J-344

Covid-19 seems to be here to stay. 


Do you, your family or your workers need an occasional reminder about coronavirus Dos and Don'ts?

Download this free Quick Reference Card.  It has a front and back page and includes basic information, best practices, myth-busting and links to more information.  Be warned, however - once you're on the mailing list, you will be receiving more info about software training.

My suggestion - use a throw-away address.  I opened up an for all of my freebie subscriptions and offers.  That way, I'm not bombarded with junk mail -- but do get the freebies being offered.

Want to help cure Covid-19?  Join my team --  our computers help scientists find a cure when they aren't in use.  See my Janglo post: 

"CompuTip - Help IBM Cure COVID-19  J-331."

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