Skilled, Experienced English Language Writer and Editor


Skilled, Experienced English Language Writer and Editor
0548011957 [email protected]

40 years as a lawyer inform my writing and editing skills. I have considerable experience writing articles as well as writing and editing other material.

This work includes:

  1. edited numerous books in their entirety;
  2. been published in magazines and newspapers;
  3. researched and wrote articles for on-line encyclopedias;
  4. wrote and edited summaries of laws for legal publishers;
  5. edited articles for an on-line publication;
  6. edited documents and articles by non-native English writers.

I am a skilled writer with an extensive vocabulary and grammatical expertise. Any writing assigned to me would be syntactically perfect and of the highest quality with a rapid turn-around time.

Please contact me at: [email protected] or 0548 011957

Good luck to you in your work!