770 Productions


770 Productions
+972 52 583 0056 [email protected] https://www.770productions.co.il/
4 Shevo ST Mevaseret

Established in 2000, 770Productions is an Israeli-based award winning production company providing full video production services to corporate videos, documentary films and commercials.

We have produced and given production services for world leading companies based in Israel, such as: Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, Citibank, IBM, Cisco, Toyota, and more. We have worked with David Attenborough and director/ producer Simcha Yakobovich, a three-time Emmy award winner. Our films were aired on ARTE, ZDF, PBS, BBC, Chanel 4, Nat Geo, Discovery, to name a few.

Address : 4 Shevo ST, Mevaseret, Tel Aviv, 9075631, Israel